Flight to Venice!

Before you think I'm finally going to explore the far distant lands of Venice, Italy, I have to first manage some expectations and tell you that we are merely spending the morning here. 

Venice is a major port on the mediterranean, and that is the only clue to where I am headed for the next week! While it's is no long distance trip from Paris, here are some essentials I always bring with me on the plane (and elsewhere on vacation ;) ). 

The Essentials

  • Bag - this will fit everything!
  • Wallet - in my favorite tuscan yellow, perfect for spring, summer and fall
  • Sunglasses - oh there will be sun!
  • Frames - contacts can get dry on the plane
  • Passport - can't leave without this one!
  • iPad with Next Issue Magazines
  • iPhone & headphones

For Last-Minute Touchups

  • Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Rosé - color and moisture all in one
  • Cover FX Powder Compact - for a perfect shine free complexion right off the plane 
  • Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Perfume - packed in a travel sized container from Muji
  • Mentos Gum - favorite mint now in gum form!

For Comfort

  • Kusmi Tea in Earl Grey - this gift size container is the perfect travel companion!
  • Contact Case - with solution already inside!
  • Tissues - I'll be happy I have these
  • Fuzzy socks (not pictured)
  • Eye Mask for sleeping (not pictured)

Good bye Paris! See yah in a week! 

PS. I have two scheduled posts coming this next week, so be sure to check it out. <3