Leaving New York

The cab took me uptown on 5th Avenue towards Grand Central, and I looked out calmly on New York under the sun's brilliant rays of light. Even as I was leaving on this quiet summer afternoon, I could still feel the pulsating rhythm of the city around me. 

The buzzing of chatter. Cars stopping and going. The banging and grinding of construction. New York will always be the most hopeful, passionate city in the world, full of light, energy, and endless possibilities. And here it was standing in its most natural and brilliant form before me, the way I will always remember New York to be. 

14th street soon became 23rd and then, slowly, 34th. As the city gradually slipped away, I felt reassured in knowing that New York will always be New York - that strong, independent, talented city, gifted with the most precious resources. And with that, it will forever stand tall and brilliant, eager to show the world what it could and will be. Tomorrow, without me, it will continue onward and forward, decidedly into the future.

The cab dropped me off at the lights, and I pushed open the heavy gold metal doors into Grand Central. I checked the boards for the track number, and headed straight for the gate without looking back. 

All good things must come to an end, I told myself, because there are better things that lay ahead of us. But good friends and memories of the city, I know those will last a lifetime.

And as for New York this wondrous city itself. Well, no matter what else the world is doing, New York City will always be alive and well, living its life in spectacular fashion. And so I better do the same. 

courtesy of huffingtonpost.com