Thirsty Hungry Thursday Night

Today, after two hours at the gym (while watching Chopped on Food Network while killing it on the treadmill), I came home absolutely starved. Even after some pasta. I wanted to reward myself for being awesome, but I've been watching my diet since picking up figure skating again. I needed to eat well to be strong and flexible but also keep a low weight at the same time. So I decided to make some KALE.

Ahhh, baked kale is so delicious - crispy, savory, packed with nutrients. 

Take a piece, pop it in your mouth, and feel it gently crumble to pieces. The slightly browned parts gives it that lovely roasted flavor. Yum!!!!

Served perfect as a side dish or a (late night) snack. It's like the vegetable sister of potato chips, the greener, healthier, better sister. Satisfies all your cravings but without any of the bad stuff.

In just 15 minutes, I:

1. Washed kale and dried it (very very) thoroughly (so it bakes and not steams)!

2. Broke kale into pieces and laid it out on a pan with aluminum foil.

3. Drizzled olive oil and salt to my liking (aka a lot of both).

4. Popped it in the oven at around 400-450 degrees.

5. After the edges had turned a bit brown, took it out and ate it with an episode of Grey's Anatomy (I know, I've seen so many episodes (aka every single episode) that I can actually eat during this show - don't judge).

And then I realized it was already 10PM. Somehow my life always ends up being a race against time (and I always lose). So I quickly made some of my favorite Crème Caramel Rooibos tea (another relaxing way to satisfy cravings without the junk!) from DAVID'S TEA (my newest tea place obsession), and unwound into the night reading Redbook with Jessica Alba on my iPad. It was very soothing.

And there yah go. My thirsty hungry thursday night. <3