Monday French Reading

I woke up today to the sound of obnoxious morning traffic, unusual for our quiet little street off of the main boulevard. September 1st, also happening to land on a Monday, unofficially marks the end of glorious summer vacation for the French, and the beginning of nothing more exciting than the daily grind of work… 

I got up, tied my hair in a bun, put on my glasses, and sleepily made myself a cup of coffee in the kitchen. When I came back to the salon, I came across my boyfriend’s French version of the Harvard Business Review. 

What better way to get ready for school than a proper dose of Business French!

Let me tell you, the French translated version of the review is a wonderful way to brush up on your French. Here’s why:

  1. Due to the international nature of business, French business words are similar in roots to their English counterparts, with some even adopting the word itself (“marketing” and “business plan”, spoken exclusively in a French accent of course). For this reason, especially for those with a business background, it’s easy to decipher the meaning of foreign business words.
  2. Business writing prides itself in simplicity, both in verb usage and vocabulary. French written verb conjugations are notorious for their variations, with some changing up the verb so much that it can become indecipherable. Verbs are kind of important in understanding a sentence, so having conjugations in mostly present and past with an occasional conditional?  It can’t get better than that. 
  3. The review is translated from English after all. Even though my boyfriend claims it’s perfect French, I still find it oddly similar to the sentence constructions of the English language…

So there’s my Monday French reading with a business twist. Any other recommendations for brushing up on French?